Robotic Surgery for Bladder Cancer

Robotic Cystectomy Surgery

Cystectomy—surgical removal of the bladder—is the gold standard treatment for muscle invasive bladder cancer. Most patients with bladder cancer will require a robotic radical cystectomy, a procedure that involves removal of the entire bladder as well as urinary reconstruction. For very select patients with early-stage bladder cancer or other diseases of the bladder, it may be possible to remove only the diseased part of the bladder—a procedure known as a robotic partial cystectomy. This procedure, which leaves the patient with a functioning bladder, has a high cure rate when used appropriately.

Robotics have greatly enhanced the surgical treatment of bladder cancer, by allowing both radical and partial cystectomies to be done in a minimally invasive way that reduces trauma and blood loss, while also allowing for more precise dissection and suturing of the tissue being operated on. As with all surgical approaches, experience is of critical importance. The surgeons at the NYU Langone Robotic Surgery Center are highly skilled and experienced at performing robotic cystectomies. Our team evaluates each individual to determine the appropriate course of treatment for optimal outcome and cancer cure rate.

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