Patient Testimonial—Frank Bunts (Lobectomy)

Frank Bunts

About a month and a half ago, in mid-January of 2012, Dr. Michael Zervos operated on me using the da Vinci Si robot. The lower lobe of my left lung, which contained a malignant tumor, was removed through an incision about four inches long. There were also a few other half-inch incisions made in order to insert the robot’s tools. The tumor was determined to be Stage 1A, meaning the cancer was completely removed during the procedure. I felt like I’d dodged a bullet.

I went home four days after the operation. For the next week and a half, I was well-cared for by my wife, a visiting nurse, and a visiting physical therapist. By the end of that time, the pain, which I’d been controlling with drugs, receded dramatically, to the point where I only needed an occasional acetaminophen.

Every day since the operation, I’ve woken up feeling better than the day before. I can now walk about six blocks before I begin feeling a slight ache in my chest and some tiredness. The day after tomorrow will be my 80th birthday. Thanks to Dr. Zervos and the NYU Langone robotic surgery team, I’ll have a lot to celebrate!