Patient Testimonial — Myron Priester (Prostatectomy)

Myron Priester

In 2009, my PSA levels went up noticeably over a 6-month period. My urologist said  there was a good chance it could become more aggressive quickly, especially since I’m African-American. He wanted to do open surgery on me to remove my prostate. I went to another urologist for a second opinion, and he suggested that I talk to Dr. Michael Stifelman about having the procedure done robotically.

I went to Dr. Stifelman for an interview, and he was very helpful. He said I was a good candidate for the procedure, and that he should be able to take out the prostate without touching the nerves involved in bladder control and sexual function. What struck me most was that Dr. Stifelman had a good attitude—he was very positive and took away a lot of the fear I’d been feeling. He also had an excellent support staff around him, who were very good about staying in touch with me and keeping me informed.

The surgery went well. I went in on a Thursday morning and stayed in the hospital overnight. The next morning Dr. Stifelman said, “I want to see you up and walking.” He came back later, saw how I was doing, and said, “You can go home today.” I had a little bit of pain, but it wasn’t too bad. Dr. Stifelman prescribed some Percocet, and suggested I try using Tylenol during the day and taking the Percocet only at night to help me sleep, which worked out well.

I kept doing my Kegel exercises all along, and within a few months after the operation incontinence wasn’t a problem at all. Meanwhile, Dr. Stifelman’s erectile specialist put me on a regimen of 50 mg Viagra per day. About two weeks after the catheter was removed I had sex for the first time, and before long I was back to having sex regularly.

I had the operation just over a year ago, and since then all my follow-up exams have been excellent. I have nothing but good things to say about the procedure and about Dr. Stifelman. I’m really happy I went to him. He’s very positive, and he gets right to the point. Everything that he said would happen did. I would recommend this route to anyone!